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 “BANKOFSKY” Consulting Agency
 “BANKOFSKY” Consulting Agency
  • Environmental Engineering Protection Technology “BANK_OF_SKY” Consulting weather resistant

    Making Environmental Engineering Protection Technology Accessible

    About Us

    Technical Experience

    25 - years experience of solving problems weather resistant on open pits. I am well-versed in a variety mining and environmental technology of civil engineering, which cover your house‘s protection. Our information service  helps small to mid-sized projects to create a safe structure of house property with efficient economy. resources.. 

    OUR SCIENCE. Research and Development :


    • Theory and Technology of Resistant to distractive forces of TORNADO /

    • Technology to resistant Wind and Waves

    • Technology breaking HURRICANES and TORNADO.

    • Experimental testing of technology.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    The world of technology can be fast-paced and scary. That's why my goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your property needs. No matter the budget, I pride myself on providing professional customer service. I guarantee you will be satisfied with my work. 

    Practical Sources and Technologies

    Support & Maintenance

    I can set up analysis and solutions to help troubleshoot and maintain your existing environmental problems.

    I am available to consult with your or your staff when environmental problems arise with your house and property. I am available for consulting, or any assistance.

    Cloud Services & Data

    I will work with you to establish the appropriate cloud size and available resources for environmental project you need. 

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    “BANKOFSKY” Consulting Agency


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